Cabin Access

You are responsible for getting yourself and your gear to the cabin.

Snow Free Season

Grand Island Ferry Service

The ferry dock is located on M-28 about 2.5 miles west of the Munising's blinking light. Look for the Grand Island National Recreation Area signs.

The only way to access Grand Island in the snow-free season (roughly April to December) is by boat. There is a public ferry that operates from Memorial Day through early October. Call 906.387.2600 or visit for schedules and pricing. You can also access Grand Island with a personal boat or kayak. Once you are on the island, you can hike or bike to the cabins (locations listed below).

Visit Ferry Website


Bike rentals are available on the island through the Ferry Service.

Snow Season

During the winter season, the only way to access Grand Island is across the ice by snowmobile, snowshoe or skis. Note: We can never recommend that the ice is safe. Travel over the ice is at your own risk! Snowmobiles are allowed direct access to the cabins.

More Info

Both cabins have direct access to Lake Superior. There are no docks. Boats must be either beached or anchored off shore at your own risk. Personal watercrafts (jet skis) are not allowed to land on Grand Island. The west side of Grand Island is exposed to the dominate NW wind.

Mooring and beaching motorized boats is not recommended.